US troops in Paris, 19 August 1944

US troops in Paris, 19 August 1944; Photo; licence article; original: 5740×4315; photographer: unknown; subject to licence; rights: © Historiathek/Bleek/zb Media.

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US troops in Paris, 19.8.1944 ;Photo; licence article; Original: 5740×4315; Photographer: unknown; rights subject to licence; Rights: © Historiathek/Bleek/zb Media. In August 1944, American troops played a decisive role in the liberation of Paris. As part of the Allied effort to liberate France after the D-Day landings in Normandy, American forces advanced on Paris alongside British and Free French units. On 25 August 1944, the US Army’s 4th Infantry Division entered Paris and played a key role in liberating the city from German occupation.

The American troops received a hero’s welcome from the Parisian population, who had suffered under Nazi rule for four years. The co-operation between the US forces and the French resistance was crucial to the liberation effort and the event marked an important turning point in the European theatre of the Second World War. The successful invasion and subsequent liberation of Paris by the Allied forces not only had military strategic significance, but also served as a powerful symbol of hope and freedom for the occupied countries of Europe.

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