Cruiser USS San Francisco 1942

Cruiser USS San Francisco 1942, length 1:00. A licence fee of 2 x 30 seconds is charged to purchase a licence for the complete film.


Scenes of cruiser USS San Francisco from Historiathek – zb Media on Vimeo.

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Cruiser USS San Francisco 1942

Historical context

The footage shows scenes of the cruiser USS San Francisco returning to the USA through the Golden Gate from the Battle of Guadalcanal on 11 December 1942. Sailors wave from the deck and Admiral E.J. King presents the 31-year-old commander of the cruiser with the Congressional Medal of Honour.

The naval battle of Guadalcanal, sometimes referred to as the Third and Fourth Battle of Savo Island, Battle of the Solomons, Battle of Friday the 13th, Night of the Big Guns or in Japanese sources as the Third Battle of the Solomon Sea (第三次ソロモン海戦, Dai-san-ji Soromon Kaisen), took place from 12 to 15 November 1942. It was the decisive battle in a series of naval battles between Allied (mainly American) and Imperial Japanese forces during the month-long Guadalcanal campaign in the Solomon Islands during the Second World War. The film footage shows the USS San Francisco returning home.


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