Degenerate Art Exhibition Munich 1937

Degenerate Art Exhibition Munich 1937, Hall. Original size of the photo: 5680×4200, Photographer: Unknown, Rights: © Historiathek / Stephan Bleek

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Degenerate Art Exhibition Munich 1937. The 1937 “Degenerate Art” exhibition (Entartete Kunst) in Munich was a pivotal event organized by the Nazi regime to stigmatize modern art. Held from July 19 to November 30, it showcased over 650 works of art confiscated from German museums, including pieces by renowned artists such as Emil Nolde, Ernst Barlach, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. The exhibition aimed to ridicule and denounce avant-garde art styles like Expressionism, Dada, and Surrealism as corrupt, un-German, and degenerate. It attracted over two million visitors, reflecting the regime’s efforts to control and manipulate cultural expression and promote its vision of Aryan purity.

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