Georg Elser assassination attempt Bürgerbräukeller 1939

Georg Elser assassination Bürgerbräukeller 1939. film length 3:16. a licence fee of 7 times 30 seconds is charged to acquire a licence for the complete contribution. V 191403-3

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Georg Elser assassination attempt Bürgerbräukeller 1939

Historical context

Georg Elser, a German carpenter, carried out a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich on 8 November 1939. Elser planted a bomb in a pillar behind the lectern, which was to explode during Hitler’s speech. However, Hitler left the hall 13 minutes before the explosion, which killed eight people and injured over sixty. Elser was arrested while trying to flee to Switzerland, later confessed and spent the rest of the war in various concentration camps before being executed in April 1945.

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