General De Gaulle in Paris, 19 August 1944

General De Gaulle in Paris, 19 August 1944; Photo; licence article; original: 5740×4315; photographer: unknown; subject to licence; rights: © Historiathek/Bleek/zb Media.

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General De Gaulle in Paris, 19.8.1944 ;Photo; licence article; Original: 5740×4315; Photographer: unknown; subject to licence; Rights: © Historiathek/Bleek/zb Media; On 19 August 1944, Charles de Gaulle arrived in Paris in the midst of the liberation struggles. As leader of the Free French Forces and prominent representative of the French Resistance, his presence symbolised the restoration of French sovereignty. De Gaulle’s arrival galvanised the Resistance fighters and the citizens of Paris, boosting their morale and determination to reclaim their city from German occupation. His leadership and determination played a decisive role in the final push to liberate Paris.

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