Arrest, street fighting in Paris 19 Aug. 1944

Arrest, street fighting in Paris 19 Aug. 1944; Photo; licence article; original: 5740×4315; photographer: unknown; subject to licence; rights: © Historiathek/Bleek/zb Media.

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Arrest, street fighting in Paris 19.8.1944 ;Photo; Licence article; Original: 5740×4315; Photographer: unknown; Rights: © Historiathek/Bleek/zb Media ;The liberation of Paris took place from 19 to 25 August 1944 during the Second World War. After four years of Nazi occupation, the French Resistance launched an uprising against the German garrison in Paris. At the same time, the Allied forces under the leadership of General Dwight D. Eisenhower advanced on the city. The Free French troops under General Philippe Leclerc were given the honour of leading the attack on Paris. Despite Hitler’s orders to destroy the city, the German commander, General Dietrich von Choltitz, finally surrendered and saved Paris from major destruction. The liberation was a significant turning point, symbolising the imminent defeat of Nazi Germany and boosting the morale of the Allies.

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